About Us

Call the Custom Travel Experts! Custom Travel is a full service travel agency that has been in business in Collierville, Tennessee for 25 years. Our staff has over 100 years combined travel experience and has traveled throughout the world including visits to all seven continents. We counsel out clients on what to expect in their travels and our personal knowledge of destinations allows us toprovide information on how to avoid problems or difficult situations.

We have an extremely high number of repeat clients and we attribute this to our extraordinary level of service. Our clients are provided with home phone numbers as well as the office number and we are available 24/7 to assist with problems that can, and do, occur while traveling. We are there to help no matter how big or small the issue.Our service is personal and consequently our relationship with many clients has created a friendship bond that is extremely rewarding.

Some, but not all of our "go the extra mile" are listed below.

There is no airport shuttle service from our town and taxi service is spotty at best so it is not that unusual for us to take our clients to the airport for a 6:00am departure or pick them up if necessary.

We monitor airline fares for our clients, hoping to find a sale and inexpensive fare for a trip they plan to take. We watch for new destinations or different types of cruises, tours or travel and advise clients of these new travel opportunities.

We take note ofour client's birth dates, important anniversaries and family occasions. All groups are accompanied by a member of our staff to ensure that the group travel experience meets expectations. We host bi-monthly after hours travel presentations and the public is invited to join us on these occasions. While some of the above may be considered marketing as well as customer service, it helps to cement the community. We attempt to return the support of our clients by becoming active in the community. We support our schools and museums and are a proud member of the Chamber of Commerce. We actively "buy local" as we have firsthand understanding of the economic impact of purchasing through electronic sources. We have found that excellent service to clients has created loyal clients and for this we are thankful.

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