Custom Travel

Voted Best Travel Agency in Collierville for 2017-18

A Team of Travel Experts

Our team has more than 100 years of combined travel experience. Each of us has visited some of the most beautiful places throughout the world, including countries in all seven continents. Get to know the members of our team by reading about them below.

Michael Stetson – Founder

Michael has more than 30 years of experience in the industry. He founded our company with a goal to become the leader in service and quality among local travel businesses. Michael has been to six continents and visited over 100 countries.

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Ruth Mattix

For more than 30 years, Ruth has been blessed to work in the travel industry.  As a ticket agent with the airlines, and as a  corporate agent and a leisure agent for vacation travel. Ruth has worked closely with the People to People Ambassador Program, connecting students from around the world by sharing educational experiences and establishing cultural exchange programs.

In addition, she has traveled and cruised all over the world, from Hawaii, Mexico,The South Pacific, America to Europe. 

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Melissa McCallum

Melissa joined the travel industry straight out of college. She has been working steadily for more than 22 years. Melissa enjoys all forms of travel, but she especially loves to cruise. She has seen five of the seven continents and would rank Italy, Russia, Malaysia, and Costa Rica among her favorite destinations.

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Bobbye Hamel-Green

Bobby has always been in the travel industry. She started working as a major international carrier, and now she's an agent. She has extensively explored six of the seven continents, trekking places such as the wilderness of Nepal and the jungles of the Amazon.

With more than 30 years of travel experience, Bobby has too many favorite destinations, but Spain, Ecuador, and the Galapagos are at the top of his list.

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SHARON WHITE is new to our company. 

She has worked in the airline industry in various capacities for 19 years and has traveled extensively.  Some of her favorite places have been Buenos Aires  Argentina  and Rio De Janeiro Brazil. 
And the place she considers her second home is  Jamaica!
 She loves to travel and  plan trips for other to experience the world. 
We welcome her experience and knowledge.

BONNIE JOHNSON is our newest addition to the Company.
 We welcome her as a staff support member, who makes sure you have all of your documents needed for you trip. 

About the Company

Custom Travel is a full-service travel agency based in Collierville, Tennessee. For more than 25 years, we have been helping clients with all their travel needs and making their most awaited vacation worthwhile.

To serve our clients better, we provide them information on what to expect in their trips. We also share our personal travel knowledge and experience to help them avoid future problems or difficult situations, especially when they're in a different country. Moreover, we're proud to have an extremely high number of repeat clients. We attribute this to our extraordinary level of service.

Cementing the Community

We return the support of our clients by being active in the community, as well as supporting schools and museums. Our company is a proud member of the Chamber of Commerce and Travelsavers. We actively buy local products as we have firsthand understanding of the economic impact of purchasing through electronic sources.

Furthermore, we found that our excellent service has created loyal clients, and for this we are thankful.